Mabel Namwabira


Mabel Namwabira works as a Quality Improvement Advisor with University Research Co., LLC (URC) on the USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems Project (ASSIST). Mabel work involves supporting the Ministry of Health Uganda and its partners to integrate quality improvement methods into community health. Before the ASSIST project, Mabel worked on the Health Care Improvement Project (HCI) as an Advisor for patient centered care and retention in HIV/AIDS care for 3 years. Currently, Mabel supports 4 districts in Eastern, south western and central Uganda to improve the quality of HIV care and community support for HIV/AIDS patients.

Mabel is a social worker with a public health background and posses rich experience in community and reproductive health. Prior to joining URC, Mabel worked with Programme for Accessible Communication and Education (PACE) as a Community Coordinator for the Women’s Health Project from 2008-2009. Mabel also worked as a PMTCT Services Coordinator in the same organization from 2002-2006.