Maina A. Boucar

Quality Improvement Advisor, USAID ASSIST Project/URC

Maina A. Boucar, M.D., M.P.H. has vast experience in the purveyance, administration and supervision of health care programs in developing countries.  He is an epidemiologist with a Master’s Degree of Public Health specializing in epidemiology and population studies.  As the current Director for USAID-Health Care Improvement Project for West Africa, he advises government agencies and NGOs on the integration of quality improvement activities into their respective programs.  He has worked in quality improvement for 20 years in many African countries and applied Quality Improvement in various topics including Malaria, IMCI, maternal and child, HIV/AIDS, anemia, and health workforce development.  Prior to joining URC, he served at all levels of the health care system in his native Niger.  His previous experiences as the head of local and district clinics, as well as the Regional Director of Health in Tahoua, provided a solid foundation for his ascent to the post of Secretary General of the Ministry of Public Health of Niger in 1993.