Bridging the Gaps: Leveraging m/eHealth to Achieve Strong Health Systems and High Quality Care in Low-Resource Settings

This technical working group meeting was convened by the USAID ASSIST Project with key mHealth and eHealth stakeholders and experts for the purpose of reviewing a working framework for selecting technological solutions that can help bridge quality and systems gaps to improve health care in resource-limited settings.  The meeting also sought to build consensus on established, emerging, and needed mHealth and eHealth solutions that best address critical quality and systems gaps in low-resource settings and identify areas of collaboration for implementation and research.

The meeting included presentations by:

  • James Heiby, USAID Office of Health Systems: “Improving Health Care in Low-resource Settings: What Are the Critical Gaps and Needs”
  • Alain LaBrique, Johns Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative: “Overview of Global mHealth Initiatives
    & State of the mHealth Evidence Ecosystem”
  • Adam Slote, USAID Office of Health Systems: “Emerging Opportunities for Aligning m/eHealth, Quality Improvement and Health Systems Efforts”
  • Allison Annette Foster, USAID ASSIST Project: “Leveraging m/eHealth to Help Strengthen Health Systems and Improve Care at District Level: A Framework”
  • Kathleen Hill, USAID ASSIST Project: “A Case Study: Leveraging m/eHealth to Help Improve Care for Women with Eclampsia and Their Pre-term Newborns in Zaza District”
  • Marguerite Lucea, USAID ASSIST Project: “Service Delivery/Point of Care Domain”
  • Dennis Cherian, World Vision: “Mobile Technology Helps Community Health Workers Increase Access to Skilled Delivery and Provide Quality Counseling and Quick Referrals for Maternal and Newborn Health Care in Rural Afghanistan”
  • Allison Annette Foster, USAID ASSIST Project: “Human Resources for Health Domain”
  • Marguerite Lucea, USAID ASSIST Project: “Supplies/Commodities Domain”
  • Allen Wilcox, VillageReach: “Logistics Management Information Systems and Capacity Building”   
  • Kyle Duarte, Management Sciences for Health: “SIAPS Experiences and Approach to e/mHealth Interventions”
  • Kathleen Hill, USAID ASSIST Project: “Information Systems/Data Domain”

The group discussed the four domains of the framework to leverage mHealth and eHealth to strengthen systems, with expert commentary provided by thought leaders: 1) Real Time Care and Service Delivery, 2) Health Workforce, 3) Supply Chain / Essential Commodities, and 4) Information Systems and Data.  The meeting concluded with a discussion of opportunities for collaboration on building the evidence base and promoting best practices in mHealth and eHealth to support quality improvement and health systems strengthening efforts.

The agenda and presentations are attached below.

Friday, January 31, 2014 - 09:00
Washington, DC
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Evelyn Kamgang
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