CHW Central Webinar - Integrating and scaling mobile community health data systems: Experience from India, Ethiopia and Madagascar

Mobile technologies show great promise in improving community health data, but how do we ensure they are integrated with national HMIS systems and how do we scale them to meet the need?

Highlighting case examples from three countries, this webinar presents the successes and challenges of linking a CHW workforce to larger national health systems with mobile technologies. Presenters will explore the technical process of integrating various mobile platforms; best practices and lessons learned building reports to facilitate data-based decision making at the government level; and how to design for scale within existing systems and considering the processes needed to integrate with those systems.  

Panelists will share lessons learned from the following initiatives:

  • Ethiopia – JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc (JSI) and the Government of Ethiopia are working to equip 10,000 CHWs with an innovative mobile solution to improve Post Natal Care (PNC) in the first 48 hours after birth.
  • Madagascar – The Ministry of Health in Madagascar is working with USAID, MSH and Dimagi to build a comprehensive mHealth application for use by community health volunteers (CHVs) to improve the health of women of reproductive age, children under five, and infants by enhancing the quality of primary health care services at the community level.
  • India – Dimagi is working with the Ministry of Women and Child Development to launch a maternal and child health (MCH) application to over 100,000 community health workers across eight states of India. Data collected through the system is made visible in a robust reporting dashboard at the Central, State and District levels.

Join the webinar on Wednesday, August 1 at 9:30 AM EST using Zoom:

For more information about the webinar, visit the CHW Central website.

Coordinated by Dimagi with support from Initiatives Inc. and the HSG CHW Thematic Working Group

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 09:30 to 10:30
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