The Critical Role of Quality Improvement in the Era of the SDGs, UHC, and Countries’ Journey to Self-Reliance: Achievements and Learning from the USAID ASSIST Project

This capstone webinar highlighted through presentations, commentary, and facilitated virtual discussions, the key lessons learned and achievements of the USAID ASSIST Project from 2012-2020 (FY13-FY20).

“In close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, we built the capacity for QI implementation across all levels of the health system, which has been instrumental in supporting and realizing agreed upon and shared goals.  The critical success factor is the senior leadership support and the adaptive learning culture committed to data-driven quality improvement. In addition, Uganda’s decentralized model of health service delivery encouraged a bottom-up approach where the district leaders are empowered to implement and invest in QI activities… A harmonized approach to QI has allowed Uganda to maximize the use and sharing of results and data to continuously inform and implement QI practices.”   

-- Jacqueline Calnan, USAID/Uganda


Welcome and Introduction -- USAID Office of Health Systems

Presentation “Key Learning and Achievements of the USAID ASSIST Project” -- USAID ASSIST Project Director M. Rashad Massoud

Learning Sessions on the following focus areas:

  • How QI strengthens health systems, improves service delivery, and supports progress toward country self-reliance (Leader: Nigel Livesley, URC/ASSIST; Commentator: Jackie Calnan, USAID Uganda
  • Building individual and institutional capacity in QI (Leader: Tamar Chitashvili, URC/ASSIST; Commentator: Ashok Deorari, AIIMS, India)
  • Organizing and institutionalizing structures and processes to sustain high quality health systems (Leader: Victor Boguslavsky, URC/ASSIST; Commentator: Henry Mwebesa, MOH Uganda)
  • The strategic value of QI in addressing public health emergencies (Leader: Jorge Hermida, URC/ASSIST; Commentator: Shivon Belle, MOH, Antigua and Barbuda)

Moderated Discussion -- Tim Quick, USAID/OHA; Troy Jacobs, USAID/MCHN; Shams Syed, WHO, Quality Systems and Resilience Unit

Preview of “Improving Health Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Case Book” -- USAID ASSIST Knowledge Management Director, Lani Marquez

Closing Remarks

For a list of ASSIST resources related to this webinar click here

Thursday, April 23, 2020 - 09:00 to 11:00
USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) Project/URC
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