WEBINAR: Cleaner hospitals for better quality of care

9:00 GMT | 10:00 CET | 12:00 EAT | 14:30 IST | 16:00 ICT

The Network for Improving Quality of Care for Maternal and Newborn Health is organizing a webinar on ‘Cleaner hospitals for better quality of care: the example of Ethiopia’s Clean & Safe Health Facility Initiative’.

The speakers, M. Molla Godif Fisehatsion and M. Tewodros Fantahun will present Ethiopia’s Clean and Safe Health Facility initiative (CASH), a programme of the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health to make healthcare facilities clean, safe and comfortable to patients, visitors and staff. CASH started in 2015, and is now implemented in all public hospitals in Ethiopia. The initiative is designed to improve the attitude of staff and stakeholders towards cleanliness with the end goal of improving quality of care. It puts a special emphasis on hospital infection prevention and patient safety standards.

Molla Godif Fisehatsion will explain how the CASH initiative supports the national objective of improving quality of care, in particular for mothers and newborns, and how it involves working closely with communities.

Tewodros Fantahun will present the specific case of CASH in St Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College in Addis Ababa and how it had an impact on the skills of health workers, the expectation of patients of what a hospital should provide, and the infrastructure.

The presentations will be followed by a Q & A session.


  • M. Molla Godif Fisehatsion, Infection Prevention and Patient Safety Coordinator at the Ministry of Health, Ethiopia
  • M. Tewodros Fantahun, Head of the Quality Management Department at St Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Who should join: Health practitioners and managers.

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Friday, February 9, 2018 - 04:00 to 05:00
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