Zika webinar series -Improving prevention of Zika virus infection, early detection of its harmful consequences and care and support of babies and families potentially affected by Zika: What we learned through work with over 800 facilities in 13 countries

The USAID Zika team in collaboration with GHPOD is putting on a webinar series to highlight accomplishments and lessons learned from partners across the Zika response. Please join us for the presentation from USAID ASSIST team to discuss the overview of USAID ASSIST’s integral approach to the Zika response in LAC, share selected high-level results and illustrative country and regional experiences and lessons learned.

Presenters: Tamar Chitashvili, Jorge Hermida, Charlene Coore-Desai and Maria-Jose Escalante.
Date/time: January 17th, 12:00-  1:00pm EST.
Link to the webinar: https://ghpod.adobeconnect.com/zikabrownbag/



Friday, January 17, 2020 - 12:00 to 13:00
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