USAID ASSIST Project Annual Performance Monitoring Report FY18

University Research Co., LLC (URC) and its partners have completed six years of implementation of theUSAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) Project. This report is the sixth Annual Performance Monitoring Report...

Cartillas sobre cómo brindar apoyo a las familias afectadas por Zika.

Estos folletos brindan información sobre cómo brindar apoyo a las familias afectadas por Zika. Describen lo que debe y no debe hacer al hablar con las familias, cómo hablar con las madres embarazadas y las madres de niños afectados por el...

Apoyo psicosocial para las embarazadas y las familias afectadas por el síndrome congénito asociado al Zika

Esta guía "Apoyo psicosocial para mujeres embarazadas y familias afectadas por el síndrome congénito asociado con ZIKA", se elaboró en el marco del Proyecto ASSIST-Zika con el fin de proporcionar pautas a los proveedores de salud donde se...

Juntos contra el dengue, Zika y chikungunya: Rotafolio educativo

ASSIST, in partnership with Paraguay's Ministry of Public Health, developed educational flip chart with key messages on Zika, dengue y chikungunya to support health workers to provide quality, comprehensive information and counseling on...

The Continuum of Care for Zika

Alison Lucas

Knowledge Management and Communications Specialist, USAID ASSIST Project/URC

Jorge Hermida

Senior QI Advisor, MNCH, and Latin America Regional Director, USAID ASSIST Project/URC

In 2016, scientists confirmed the link between Zika infection during pregnancy and severe birth complications, most notably microcephaly.  Thankfully, cases of Zika infection in Latin America and the Caribbean dropped dramatically in 2017; however, Zika is unlikely to ever disappear completely from the region.

First Latin America and Caribbean Regional Kangaroo Mother Care Conference: December 7-9, 2011, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Since 2009, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has supported the development and strengthening of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) activities in ten countries through the USAID Maternal and Child Health Integrated...