As part of USAID’s Zika response, ASSIST is providing support to the Ministry of Health in Jamaica to strengthen Zika care for infants affected by the virus and their families. Specifically, ASSIST is supporting activities to increase the proportion of infants with congenital syndrome associated with Zika virus infection (CSaZ) and/or other potential development deficiencies who receive health care and support services per MOH guidelines and increase the proportion of infants attending well-baby clinics who are appropriately screened for microcephaly and neurodevelopmental milestones during their first two years of life. ASSIST and the MOH are also working to ensure that pregnant women with a potential Zika infection and mothers or caregivers of infants affected by Zika receive appropriate psycho-emotional support.

For more information on ASSIST’s work in Jamaica, please contact assist-info@urc-chs.com.