VIDEO: Uganda Regional Learning Network


The Regional Learning Network in Uganda was designed to provide coordinated newborn health services across two levels of care:

Retooling Minds, Dignifying Lives: Think One Egg per Child per Month

This short video tells the story of a young man involved in the "one egg per child" scheme. Through this, he sells eggs and has been able to pay his school fees and open a bank account to save money.

The Watano Initiative: Quality Improvement for Productive Support Groups

This short video tells the experience of a caregiver in Kenya who was involved in the Wantano Initiative. She explains how her involvement led to her being able to save money and care for her grandchildren.

Why it is Important to Sex-Disaggregate Data in Quality Improvement

The USAID ASSIST Project integrates gender considerations in quality improvement in order to improve outcomes for all — women and men, girls and boys. This video explains a critical part of gender integration in detail: collecting and analyzing sex-disaggregated data.