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    Posted on: January 12, 2017 - Journal Articles - Improvement Science

    What do we mean by innovation in healthcare?

    Just as in other modern industries, the term ‘innovation’ in healthcare has become associated with any developments in the field done in new,...
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    Posted on: December 21, 2016 - Reports - Improvement Science

    Better Health Care: How Do We Learn About Improvement? (Salzburg Global Seminar, Session 565 Report)

    The Salzburg Global Seminar (Session 565) was convened July 10th – 15th, 2016, bringing together over 60 leaders in improvement and research from...
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    Posted on: December 21, 2016 - Reports - Improvement Science

    Tools for the South Africa Integrated People-centered Health Services Baseline and Endline Assessments

    These tools were used in South Africa for the ASSIST activity on integrated people-centered health services (IPCHS). The baseline report is in...
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    Posted on: December 19, 2016 - Video - Measuring Improvement, - Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health

    VIDEO: Cost-effectiveness of an intervention to increase immunization coverage in Pakistan

    This is a presentation of the results of a cost-effectiveness study to improve immunization uptake among children under 2 years of age and pregnant...
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    Posted on: December 16, 2016 - Reports - Improvement Science, - Knowledge Management

    Landscape Analysis of Global Learning Networks to Inform the Development of a Learning Laboratory for Quality Universal Health Coverage

    The World Health Organization (WHO) Department of Service Delivery and Safety (SDS) has decided to create a global learning laboratory (GLL) to...
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    Posted on: December 16, 2016 - Reports - Health Workforce Development, - HIV and AIDS, - Improvement Science

    Lessons Learned from Applying Collaborative Improvement Methodologies to Strengthen the Performance and Productivity of HIV Human Resources

    Since 2009, the USAID Office of HIV/AIDS has actively supported the application of collaborative improvement methodologies to improve the...
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    Posted on: December 8, 2016 - Improvement Science

    Politique Nationale d'Amelioration de la Qualite des Soins et des Services de Sante en Cote d'Ivoire

    Le présent document de Politique est le résultat d’un processus de réflexion de plusieurs acteurs et partenaires impliqués dans le domaine de la...
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    Posted on: December 6, 2016 - Case Study - Family Planning and Reproductive Health, - Family Planning, - Post-partum family planning, - Gender, - Male Involvement

    Strengthening integrated family planning/maternal and neonatal health postpartum services and associated health system functions in Niger

    Family planning (FP) is known to be one of the highest impact interventions for reducing maternal and child mortality, yet in Niger, there is a high...
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    Posted on: December 6, 2016 - Gender, - Improvement Science

    El abordaje de seis pasos para identificar y cerrar las brechas relacionadas con el género

    Este recurso en español se presenta nuestro abordaje de seis pasos para identificar y cerrar las brechas relacionadas con el género. ASSIST utiliza...
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    Posted on: December 5, 2016 - Training Materials - Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health, - Newborn Care, - Obstetric Care

    Improving Care of Mothers and Babies: A guide for improvement teams

    This guide describes a simple approach through which health care providers and improvement teams can plan, test, implement, continuously assess,...