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    Posted on: October 18, 2017 - Method descriptions - HIV and AIDS, - PMTCT/eMTCT

    Synthese de la mise en oeuvre du Collaboratif d’Amélioration de la Qualité des Services VIH/SIDA au Burundi

    Depuis 2012, ASSIST au Burundi fournit une assistance au Ministère pour mettre en place un processus d’amélioration de...
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    Posted on: October 13, 2017 - Journal Articles

    AMR Control 2017: Overcoming Global Antimicrobial Resistance

    The use of antibiotics to combat infections, such as tuberculosis, has saved countless lives. However, antibiotics only...
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    Posted on: October 10, 2017 - Short Report - HIV and AIDS, - Adherence, - Antiretroviral Therapy, - Chronic Care of HIV, - HIV Care and Support

    Empathy as tool for minimizing the self-stigma and binding groups together

    This success story shares the experience of a young woman who, when diagnosed as HIV-positive, received support from ASSIST-trained Peer Mentors in...
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    Posted on: October 5, 2017 - Case Study - Vulnerable Children & Families, - Education

    Improving educational performance of children in Chilore Primary school using quality improvement approaches in Mangochi District, Malawi

    A team of community volunteers and government extension workers, with support from USAID, from 16 villages in Namwera, Mangochi District used quality...
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    Posted on: September 29, 2017 - Journal Articles

    The Economics of Reducing Antibiotic Use to Reduce Antimicrobial Resistance

    Human consumption of antibiotics is only beneficial to societal welfare when the correct antibiotics are used and they...
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    Posted on: September 29, 2017 - Journal Articles

    Using quality improvement to address hospital-acquired infections and antimicrobial resistance

    In weak health systems, the risk for hospital-acquired infections and, consequently, developing antimicrobial...
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    Posted on: September 29, 2017 - Journal Articles

    Improving rational antibiotic treatment of common childhood conditions in Uganda

    Irrational and inappropriate use of antibiotics for common childhood infections is widespread across healthcare...
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    Posted on: September 29, 2017 - Journal Articles

    Embedding quality improvement through a learning collaborative to reduce and sustain hospital-acquired infections in the West Bank

    While life expectancy and mortality indicators in the Palestinian Territories have improved since 2010, hospitals...
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    Posted on: September 28, 2017 - Reports - HIV and AIDS, - Partnership for HIV-Free Survival (PHFS), - PMTCT/eMTCT

    Improving PMTCT in Kenya

    In 2013, the USAID Applying Science to strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) project supported the National AIDS and STI Control Program (NASCOP)...
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    Posted on: September 28, 2017 - Journal Articles - Health Workforce Development, - Improving Education and In-service Training, - Improvement Science, - Support for Improvement

    Pilot study of quality of care training and knowledge in Sub-Saharan African medical schools

    This study examines the capacity of medical schools in sub-Saharan African countries to teach about the concepts of...