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    Posted on: February 4, 2015 - Journal Articles

    Engaging frontline health providers in improving the quality of health care using facility-based improvement collaboratives in Afghanistan: case study

    This case-study describes the work of the USAID Health Care Improvement Project (HCI) and the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) in Afghanistan to apply the collaborative improvement approach to reduce maternal and newborn mortality and... Collaborative Imp ...

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    Posted on: October 15, 2014 - Reports

    Improving Health Care: The Results and Legacy of the USAID Health Care Improvement Project

    This final report of the USAID Health Care Improvement Project (HCI) summarizes the key accomplishments and learning of this seven-year global technical assistance project of the USAID Office of Health Systems. Implemented from 2007-2014,... Final report ...

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    Posted on: July 3, 2014 - Journal Articles

    A promising approach to scale up health care improvements in low-and middle-income countries: the Wave-Sequence Spread Approach and the concept of the Slice of a System

    This new article by M. Rashad Massoud and Nana Mensah-Abrampah in F1000Research 2014, 3:100 discusses the wave-sequence approach to scale-up, which spurs up-take of the improvement in a systematic and sequential way, using spread agents--... Improvement S ...

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    Posted on: May 21, 2014 - Journal Articles

    Integrating family planning into postpartum care through modern quality improvement: experience from Afghanistan

    Abstract To address low contraceptive use in Afghanistan, we supported 2 large public maternity hospitals and 3 private hospitals in Kabul to use modern quality improvement (QI) methods to integrate family planning into postpartum care. In... Journal Arti ...

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    Posted on: December 18, 2013 - Reports

    What has HCI done to institutionalize improvement? A report from 17 countries

    This assessment examined the varying ways that the USAID Health Care Improvement Project (HCI) has facilitated the institutionalization of improvement at the national level across 17 HCI-supported countries. This was a qualitative... What has HCI done to ...

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    Posted on: November 15, 2012

    Applying Improvement Methods to Increase Coverage and Quality of Family Planning Services

    Since 2009, the USAID Health Care Improvement Project (HCI) has applied improvement approaches to ensure the availability and use of family planning (FP) counseling and services where they are most needed. HCI has given a special focus to... increasing_co ...

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    Posted on: September 26, 2012 - Improvement Story

    Afghanistan| Postpartum Family Planning demonstration Improvement Collaborative

    Date improvement activities began: October, 2011 Aims/objectives: The overall aim is to contribute to reducing maternal mortality by achieving better spacing of pregnancies and avoiding unwanted pregnancies Objectives: 1- To improve the... photo.jpg Famil ...

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    Posted on: June 19, 2012 - Reports

    Taking Every Opportunity to Save Lives: The Role of Modern Quality Improvement in Enhancing Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Programs. A Synthesis of USAID Health Care Improvement Project Field Experience.

    Several quality gaps have been documented across the continuum of maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH) services. For antenatal care (ANC), despite the progress in increasing its coverage, quality gaps persist. Several studies show... role_of_qi_in_e ...

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    Posted on: January 6, 2012 - Improvement Story

    Afghanistan| Balkh/Kunduz (Maternal, Newborn, and Child) MNC Community Demonstration Collaborative

    Date improvement activities began: April, 2010 Aims/objectives: 1. Increase uptake, and quality of selected high-impact community antenatal, and post-partum services through a community-based QI approach. 2. Strengthen community to... key-results.jpg Comm ...

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    Posted on: January 5, 2012 - Improvement Story

    Afghanistan| Kabul Maternity Hospital Demonstration Collaborative

    Date improvement activities began: April, 2010 Aims/objectives: The overall objective of the collaborative is to improve health outcomes for women and newborns in 5 Kabul hospitals through improved prevention and treatment of the major... key-results.jpg ...