SUSTAIN's Adolescent Friendly Health Services Change Package

Since 2010, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been working with Uganda’s Ministry of Health (MoH) to improve HIV and AIDS service delivery at select health facilities through the Strengthening Uganda’s Systems for Treating AIDS Nationally (SUSTAIN) project.

The project supported six regional referral hospitals to implement interventions aimed at improving the provision of adolescent friendly health services (AFHS) through the application of continuous quality improvement methods and techniques. QI teams were supported to increase the proportion of adolescents: (a) attending AFHS centers, (b) newly testing for HIV, (c) assessed for their nutritional status, (d) provided with family planning services, (e) and linking those who test HIV positive to HIV care.

The purpose of this quality improvement change package is to provide a synthesis of the most robust and effective QI interventions to improve Adolescent Friendly Health Services in SUSTAIN-supported hospitals in Uganda.

This change package is part of a series of quality improvement change packages developed by the SUSTAIN project based on their work in Uganda. Other technical areas include: prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, laboratory, monitoring and evaluation, voluntary medical male circumcision, nutrition, HIV care and treatment, supply chain, tuberculosis, and quality improvement.

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Strengthening Uganda’s Systems for Treating AIDS Nationally (SUSTAIN)
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