AMR Control 2017: Overcoming Global Antimicrobial Resistance

The use of antibiotics to combat infections, such as tuberculosis, has saved countless lives. However, antibiotics only improve global health outcomes when used appropriately – the appropriate dose, for the appropriate length of time, for the appropriate illness. When these circumstances do not occur, we open the door to adverse outcomes – most notably, antimicrobial resistance (AMR). 

The third annual edition of AMR Control brings together experts from key organizations – WHO, USAID ASSIST Project, and ministries of health – to analyze and assess the challenge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), providing readers with a coherent picture of the latest thinking on developments, solutions and policy. The journal contains five key sections, reflecting the broad approach required to cover all the issues involved in AMR:

  • Governance
  • One Health
  • Healthcare
  • Economics and Innovation
  • Alternatives to Antibiotics

ASSIST is pleased to have contributed four articles to this edition of AMR Control:

Click here to view the complete list of contents with links to individual articles. The full journal is available here (Adobe Flash player required).

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