Assessing How Quality Improvement Teams Function at the Community Level: The Case of the DREAMS Initiative

The Determined Resilient Empowered AIDS-free Mentored and Safe (DREAMS) initiative has the potential to reduce risky behaviors, increase access to and utilization of HIV prevention and care services in Northern Uganda, and reduce the number of adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) acquiring HIV. However, community quality improvement (QI) teams such as those involved in DREAMS face many challenges when measuring and improving quality because unlike facility-based QI teams’ members, they often have a low level of education and are volunteers. It is therefore important to assess how these QI teams function at the community level. This technical report shares the methodlogy and results of the evaluation to assess how improvement methods are implemented at the community level and what evidence-based interventions AGYW were receiving from community QI teams (QITs).

USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) Project/URC
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