ASSIST Technical Assistance to CSOs for VMMC Improvement Activities in Uganda: The Case of TASO Gulu

Between October 2017 and September 2018, the USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) Project provided above-site technical support to the Ministry of Health, implementing partners (IPs), and civil society organization (CSOs) in Uganda to build their capacity to identify and address gaps in the quality of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) services. ASSIST’s focus on CSOs rather than health facilities was motivated by a need to explore new ways to increase access, quality, and utilization of VMMC care services and to promote sustainability for VMMC improvement activities in Uganda. ASSIST supported the CSOs to identify gaps related to compliance with national VMMC quality standards and identify changes to test to address these gaps using the change packages developed based on ASSIST’s earlier work with health facilities in Uganda. This short report describes the support ASSIST provided to the CSO TASO Gulu. Following the implementation of quality improvement activities, the CSO registered improvements in data quality including seven-day post circumcision patient follow-up, documentation of consent, and Tetanus Toxoid administration as well as in compliance with Safe Male Circumcision quality standards like infection control, monitoring and evaluation, surgical procedure, group education, management system, supplies, equipment, and environment, and individual/couple counseling.

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