Diseño de servicios obstétricos para reducir la mortalidad materna en Guatemala

In 1999, the Guatemala Ministry of Health and the Quality Assurance Project undertook a joint initiative, which applied quality design methodology at seven hospitals in the highlands of Guatemala. The goal of the quality design effort was to create client-driven obstetric care services that would improve quality of maternal care, with the longer-term vision of decreasing maternal mortality. This case study describes the quality design experience of seven hospitals in Guatemala, using the Solola Hospital to illustrate some of the specific steps in the process. It is noted that quality design teams were formed and trained in each hospital. Each team identified a particular area of concern for its facility, such as the reception and triage of patients in labor, postpartum care, or regional surgical care. Overall, facilitators were able to guide the teams over several months to redesign and implement improved processes of obstetrical care.

Report Author(s): 
Duran H | Fuentes S
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