Dominican Republic Gender Analysis: A study of the impact of the Zika virus on women, girls, boys and men

The USAID ASSIST Project works in the Dominican Republic and other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to add quality Zika services to existing antenatal care, postpartum, and family planning services. The current outbreak of Zika virus in the Dominican Republic is having severe consequences on the lives and health of thousands of people.

In order to assess the gender, practical and strategic needs of women, girls, boys and men, Oxfam and Doctors of the World conducted a gender analysis in May–October 2016. The analysis seeks to understand the impact of Zika on different population groups, their specific vulnerabilities and needs, and their coping mechanisms. The study aims to provide findings and recommendations to support humanitarian agencies to intervene in this health emergency in a gender-responsive way and also to mainstream Zika with a gender perspective into emergency responses caused by natural disasters.

Download the report from the Oxfam website.

Report Author(s): 
Zobeyda Cepeda, Carlos Arenas, Valeria Vilardo, Eliza Hilton, Tess Dico-Young, and Caroline Green
Oxfam and Doctors of the World
ASSIST publication: 
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