Embedding quality improvement through a learning collaborative to reduce and sustain hospital-acquired infections in the West Bank

While life expectancy and mortality indicators in the Palestinian Territories have improved since 2010, hospitals across the West Bank and Gaza are experiencing an alarming surge in antibiotic resistance due to a lack of standardized infection prevention and control processes and systems. Combined with a dearth in uniform microbiology protocols and processes within the Palestinian Health System, hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) pose a serious public health risk.

This short article describes a newly launched learning collaborative led by the Ministry of Health, with support from the USAID ASSIST Project, to embed stronger infection prevention and control practices in 13 public and nine private hospitals in the West Bank and institutionalize a system to reduce hospital-acquired infections.

Read the full article in AMR Control.

Report Author(s): 
Abed Alra’oof Saleem, Dr Musa Hindiyeh, Dr Ali Ahmed Sabateen, Dina Nasser, Lisa Dolan-Branton, Jennifer Ross, Ghazaleh Samandari and Sarah Kauder
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