Ensuring the Follow-up of Children Affected by Zika in Health Region I, Dominican Republic

The follow-up of children affected by Congenital Zika Syndrome and Microcephaly is one of the most important aspects in the evolution of these children. The USAID ASSIST Project has provided technical assistance to the personnel (Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, and Educators) of the hospitals selected by the Ministry of Health and the National Health Service, for the training of Quality and Access Improvement Teams, which have been successful in improving access and follow-up of children affected by Congenital Zika Syndrome. This case study describes the process for the creation of a Service Access Improvement Team for affected children and their families in Health Region I of the Dominican Republic, and how it was possible to identify 26 cases in the three provinces that make up the region, of which 74% have received specialized care and 19% are in follow-up in the Region’s units.

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Report Author(s): 
Mélida Núñez and Dr. Viery Franco
USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) Project/URC
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ASSIST publication
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