Excel Databases for Improvement

These Excel databases were developed by the USAID ASSIST Project. They were designed to store indicator data from multiple facilities, pool indicator data from the facilities, and create run charts of the pooled indicator data. They will automatically update the time scale of run charts depending on how many months or weeks of data have been collected.

There are four versions of the database below. The multi-facility database is designed to aggregate data from multiple facilities. This is available in different versions for monthly and weekly data. The multi-region database is designed to aggregate data from multiple copies of the multi-facility database for monthly data (each containing data for a single region). The databases below for sex-disaggregated data follow the same overall design, but allow tracking and comparing indicator results for males vs females.

Also available is a version of the database for a single facility. By using these different files, you can set up databases for each facility, each region, and across your improvement initiative.

Note: this file requires Excel 2007 or newer. Click here for excel tips for run charts.


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Simon Hiltebeitel
USAID Applying Science to Improve Systems (ASSIST) Project/URC
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