Factors Associated with Loss to Follow-up Status among ART Patients in Cote d'Ivoire

To achieve significant and sustainable reductions in the number of antiretroviral therapy (ART) patients lost to follow-up (LTFU), cost-effective, high-impact interventions must be devised which address the underlying causes of LTFU. Although the problem of retaining ART patients in treatment has been well documented and the magnitude of the problem quantified in some countries, there is limited information on the actual reasons why so many patients who enroll in HIV treatment programs do not return regularly for care. In order to inform interventions and programmatic decisions that will achieve significant reductions in patient LTFU, local studies are needed.

This study was conducted in Cote d'Ivoire to explore the underlying factors associated with LTFU and reasons why patients on ART discontinue care at their health facilities. The study was requested by USAID as part of the technical support to the Ministry of Health in Cote d'Ivoire from the USAID Health Care Improvement Project (HCI).

Report Author(s): 
Victor Kouassi Kan, Astou Coly, Jean N’Guessan, Sonia Dobé, Serge Agbo, Thierry Zimin, Youssouf Dosso, Ackah Alain, and Virginie Traoré
USAID Health Care Improvement Project/URC
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