Gender considerations for “Preconception, prenatal, and post-partum counseling in the context of the Zika epidemic:” A supplemental resource for the ASSIST Zika counseling guide

This document serves as a job aid to provide guidance on gender integration in the context of the Zika epidemic. It is intended to support health care providers and decision makers to improve Zika response/prevention through a gender-sensitive lens. These considerations can enhance health providers’ ability to identify and manage gender-related barriers that may affect health outcomes in Zika response. An example of a gender-related barrier could be when women or couples are restricted to comply with the standard recommendations to prevent Zika before and during pregnancy. This information can be used to adapt counseling guides to local contexts and needs, to facilitate gender integration into national protocols and norms, or as a standalone tool to assist frontline workers in providing care for women, partners, and families in the context of Zika.

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