Gender M&E eLearning Course

MEASURE Evaluation has announced a new Gender M&E eLearning Course, a two-hour course hosted by the Global Health eLearning Center, which is now available to the public. It is designed to assist  development practitioners working on programs with a gender focus, gender advisors, M&E officers and other interested individuals who seek to strengthen their understanding of gender and  M&E. This course is very relevant for improvement teams who will be designing improvement aims and indicators, as well as improvement M&E teams. At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Define what gender M&E is and why it is important to health and gender programming.
  • Describe how gender can be integrated into health program M&E.
  • Explain the difference between sex-disaggregated indicators and gender-sensitive indicators.
  • Provide examples of gender considerations in data collection, data interpretation, and data use.
  • Identify specific tools and resources to further support gender M&E.

 To browse the course, learners must first register with the Global Health eLearning Center.

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Abby Cannon and Shelah Bloom
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