A Global Improvement Framework for Health Worker In-Service Training: Guidance for Improved Effectiveness, Efficiency and Sustainability

Building on HCI’s previous assessments of in-service training (IST) effectiveness and in continuing to take a learning for improvement approach, HCI collaborated with development partners, Ministries of Health, professional associations and experts to develop an improvement framework to guide the development and delivery of in-service training programs to ensure their sustainability, effectiveness and efficiency.

The framework for in-service training programs provides guidance to in-service training program providers on 40 key practices related to strengthening training institutions and systems, coordination of training, strengthening the continuum of learning from pre-service to in-service, design and delivery of training, support for learning, and evaluation and improvement of training.  Endorsed by PEPFAR, the IST framework's recommendations are applicable for improving any training program’s structure, processes, and outcomes. 

ASSIST publication: 
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