Guía de Consejería: Consejería preconcepcional, prenatal y postparto en el contexto de la epidemia de Zika

This Spanish language counseling guide, authored by Elena Hurtado and Mélida Chaguaceda of ASSIST/Guatemala, focuses on family planning, prenatal and post-partum care in the context of Zika. Based on national and international counseling norms, it has been designed specifically to assist health care practitioners who provide care to women of reproductive age in the regions affected by the Zika virus.

The Zika Counseling Guide addresses questions such as:
•    What is counseling? How is it different from other forms of interpersonal communication?
•    How important is counseling?
•    What conditions favor counseling? How much time is needed for it?
•    Who should conduct counseling? What are the characteristics of a good counselor? What type of patient responds well to counseling?
•    What are the steps taken in counseling a patient? What tools are available to support in providing high-quality counseling services?
•    When is Zika counseling recommended?

The guide also provides general practice recommendations on the prevention and management of Zika, covering topics like:
•    Transmission of the Zika virus, including sexual transmission, and how to prevent it
•    Risks to the baby if the mother is infected with Zika during pregnancy
•    Measures that can be taken to protect mothers, newborns and young children from exposure to the Zika virus
•    Protecting your home and surroundings from the Zika virus
•    Family planning recommendations, in the context of Zika
•    Prenatal counseling in cases of suspected Zika infection during pregnancy
•    Prenatal counseling when Congenital Zika Syndrome is diagnosed during pregnancy
•    Post-partum counseling when a newborn has been diagnosed with Congenital Zika Syndrome
•    Monitoring the neurological development of children born to mothers who had a suspected, probable or confirmed Zika infection during pregnancy

Click here to download the Guía de Consejería: Consejería preconcepcional, prenatal y posparto en el contexto de la epidemia de Zika

The guide also includes three counseling job aids in Spanish—for family planning (preconception care), prenatal, and post-partum counseling.  Presented in the form of counseling algorithms, the use of the job aids is explained in the body of the guide.  The three counseling algorithms may be downloaded as separate files below:

  1. Family Planning (Preconception Care)
  2. Prenatal
  3. Post-Partum
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Elena Hurtado and Mélida Chaguaceda
USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems Project/URC
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