Guide for Developing Sustainability and Transition Plans

The Guide for Developing Sustainability and Transition Plans is a tool that was created for USAID ASSIST Project teams to co-develop sustainability and transition plans with in-country stakeholders such as MOHs, universities, etc. through policy discussions and high-level, boardroom-style meetings. The guide can inform the planning and facilitation of meetings with key country stakeholders to examine the primary issues, processes, and other factors to consider when developing plans to fully transition activities to local control and to sustain achievements beyond the project’s end.

The Guide for Developing Sustainability and Transition Plans – Version 2.0 was produced after Sustainability and Transition (S&T) pilot activities were implemented in six ASSIST-supported countries: the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Paraguay.  In the process of implementing the methodology outlined in the first iteration of the guide, we received insightful feedback from meeting participants, facilitators, and project staff and sought to incorporate their feedback into version 2.0 in order to make it more broadly applicable to USAID projects in varying contexts.  After each stakeholder meeting was held, plans were developed and distributed to meeting participants for comment, and ASSIST staff involved in implementing S&T activities convened in virtual meetings to share their experiences, document lessons learned, and acknowledge any challenges faced while working to address how to overcome them in future convenings. The key findings from these meetings were documented and then incorporated into the new iteration of the Guide for Developing Sustainability and Transition Plans  – Version 2.0, which includes updated matrices and strategic methodological adjustments to better engage stakeholders and provide more thorough planning opportunities in order to increase probability of successful transition and sustainability of project outcomes.



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