Helping Babies Breathe 2nd Edition

The Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) Global Development Alliance (GDA) was established in 2010 with the goal of achieving a significant reduction in neonatal morbidity and mortality through strengthening the performance of providers who prevent and manage newborn asphyxia in low-resource settings. This report, building on the findings of the first Helping Babies Breathe report, describes how this global public-private partnership addressed the problem of high newborn mortality due to birth asphyxia and details the strengths and challenges that were encountered during implementation in countries.

Helping Babies Breathe 2nd Edition features a number of important updates and improvements.  It includes scientific updates that harmonize with 2015 ILCOR Consensus on Science with Treatment Recommendations, and 2012 WHO Guidelines on Basic Newborn Resuscitation. It also contains strengthened educational advice and new guidance on program implementation and quality improvement.

The USAID ASSIST Project and its predecessor projects led the integration of quality improvement across the alliance, providing support in Mali, Afghanistan, Colombia, Uganda, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and India. USAID ASSIST MNCH Quality Improvement Advisor Annie Clark co-authored the Uganda Case Study highlighted in the report, which details the introduction, scale-up and institutionalization of HBB in Uganda.

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Report Author(s): 
Lily P. Kak, Joseph Johnson, Robert McPherson, William Keenan, Eileen Schoen
USAID, Save the Children, American Academy of Pediatrics
ASSIST publication: 
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