Improving Care for Children Under Five and Pregnant Women Presenting with Fever in Malawi: Guide to Coaching Quality Improvement Teams

Quality improvement (QI) coaching is an important method to provide ongoing support to help teams of health care workers apply QI approaches in their setting. The purpose of this coaching guide is to support district malaria and/or improvement coordinators (coaches) working with teams to improve care for children under five and pregnant women presenting with fever at health facilities.  

This guide briefly reviews how to prepare, conduct and follow up on a coaching session. It is written for health workers who have good knowledge and skills in QI methodology, including how to apply QI practically through various methods and tools. Coaches who have not gone through QI  training are advised to enrich their knowledge in quality improvement science, methods and tools by using the resources provided in the section “Useful Resources”. In addition, the resource section also provides more comprehensive references for conducting QI coaching.

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