Improving Health Care at the National Level: Insights from the Amman, Jordan International Policy Seminar


This paper summarizes the major insights shared during the Policy Seminar on Improvement Strategies and Infrastructure for Improving Health Care at the National Level, which was convened at the Health Care Accreditation Council Quality Health Care Conference & Exhibition 2010 in Amman, Jordan on Tuesday, June 29, 2010. The meeting was held to share experiences and develop lessons learned across multiple national level health care quality improvement initiatives, and was organized by the USAID Health Care Improvement Project (HCI) in an effort to encourage global knowledge sharing about quality improvement (QI) approaches and their effectiveness. 
The Conference was organized by the Jordanian Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) from June 28–30, 2010. University Research Co., LLC (URC) established HCAC in 2007 through the USAID Jordan Health Care Accreditation Project (JHAP); HCAC has since guided six hospitals in Jordan through the accreditation process and had distributed awards to those hospitals earlier in 2010. HCAC subsequently hosted the conference to both showcase the achievements of those hospitals and encourage continued improvement across the Jordanian health care system. Global experts presented on a variety of health care improvement methods and tools, opening up discussion on their strategies and successes to participants from Jordan and other countries in the region.
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Shawn Dick
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