Improving Health Care: The Results and Legacy of the USAID Health Care Improvement Project

This final report of the USAID Health Care Improvement Project (HCI) summarizes the key accomplishments and learning of this seven-year global technical assistance project of the USAID Office of Health Systems.  Implemented from 2007-2014, HCI provided technical assistance in health care and social service improvement in 38 countries. In addition to building assisted country capacity to make measurable improvements in quality of health care and services for vulnerable children and families affected by HIV, the project sought to expand the evidence base for the application of modern improvement methods to health and social service delivery as well as to human resources planning and management. 

The report summarizes the magnitude of improvement achieved on targeted indicators from 23 countries for HIV and AIDS, maternal, newborn and child health, family planning, health workforce development, orphans and vulnerable children, community health, non-communicable disease, nutrition, and tuberculosis improvement interventions.  The report also provides highlights from HCI's extensive research and evaluation component, which encompassed 92 studies on institutionalization of improvement methods, design of collaborative improvement, spread, and cost-effectiveness of improvement interventions. Also listed in the report are the 26 peer-reviewed articles, 75 technical reports, and 66 research and evaluation reports developed from HCI's work.

HCI was managed by University Research Co., LLC (URC) with key contributions from EnCompass LLC, FHI 360, HEALTHQUAL International, Initiatives Inc., Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs, and WI-HER LLC.

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Report Author(s): 
Lani Marquez | Silvia Holschneider | Edward Broughton | Simon Hiltebeitel
USAID Health Care Improvement Project/URC
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