Improving labour and postpartum care at Budhlada Sub-divisional Hospital in Mansa District, Punjab, India

Mansa is a district in Punjab State, where around 7,500 women deliver every year; of these, around 18 percent experience delivery complications. The USAID ASSIST Project started working with Mansa’s Budhlada Sub-Divisional Hospital to set up an improvement team in March 2014. This hospital wanted to focus on reducing postpartum haemorrhage through active management of third stage of labour and monitoring women in the postpartum period to identify danger signs in time for proper management of complications. In a six-week period, the hospital’s improvement team introduced changes, such as posting visual reminders in the labour room, advance preparation for oxytocin administration, and engaging nursing interns in vitals monitoring, which resulted in all women delivering at Budhlada receiving oxytocin immediately to reduce bleeding and having their vital signs monitored at least four times after delivery by staff. The increased postpartum contact between each patient and staff nurses has also enabled better counselling on breastfeeding.

Report Author(s): 
Parika Pahwa, Vikrant Prabhakar, and Nigel Livesley
USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems Project/URC
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ASSIST publication
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