ISQua supplement on Salzburg Global Seminar Session 565—‘Better Health Care: how do we learn about improvement?’

A fundamental question for the field of healthcare improvement is the extent to which the results achieved can be attributed to the changes that were implemented and whether or not these changes are generalizable. Answering these questions is particularly challenging because the healthcare context is complex, and the interventions themselves tend to be dynamic and multi-dimensional.

ASSIST spearheaded the Salzburg Global Seminar (Session 565) on ‘Better Health Care: how do we learn about improvement?’ in July 2016, bringing together over 60 leaders in improvement and research from 28 countries, to think through the best ways to learn about improvement and address questions of attribution, generalizability, and rigor. To capture and disseminate insights from the seminar, the International Journal for Quality in Health Care invited participants to share reflections and learning from the event in this special supplement.

An editorial by Rashad Massoud, Leighann Kimble, Don Goldmann, John Øvretveit, and Nancy Dixon serves as an introduction to the seven other articles:

Links to the articles are available below:

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