La Ley de Maternidad Gratuita y Atención a la Infancia (LMGYAI) en el Ecuador

The Law for the Provision of Free Maternity and Child Care is a major piece of health sector reform legislation in Ecuador that guarantees access to free prenatal care, labor and delivery, family planning, and other basic maternal and child health services for all women and children under five. Designed to reduce the economic barrier that prevents access to care, the Law also incorporated a number of innovative reforms to the health system in its design and implementation, including separating the functions of financing/paying for health services and healthcare delivery, and transferring funds for healthcare to municipalities, with oversight by local management committees as opposed to solely by the Ministry of Public Health. This report describes the development and key features of the Free Maternity Law, which offers important lessons for countries interested in integrating quality assurance within health sector reform strategies.

Report Author(s): 
Hermida J | Romero P | Abarca X | Vaca L | Robalino ME
Latin America and Caribbean Regional Health Sector Reform Initiative
ASSIST publication: 
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