Mali| Anemia prevention and management, Sikasso Region

Date improvement activities began: 
November, 2011

The overall purpose of HCI’s program is to reduce the prevalence of anemia among children 6-59 months of age and pregnant women through a community-based learning process to improve overall delivery of community and facility evidence-based interventions in the Sikasso Region in Mali.

Specific Objectives include:
1. To understand the problem of maternal and child anemia in Sikasso region, causes of anemia and to assess and document what is known about anemia at the community, facility and household levels.
2. To build a partnership between various community level partners (i.e. CSCOM staff “comité de santé communautaire,” community volunteers, local leaders, other community groups, etc.) to develop a joint implementation plan to improve awareness of anemia, its consequences and improve the overall delivery and use of health and dietary interventions to reduce anemia.
3. To engage in a learning process among health district staff and communities to share experiences, identify best practices and improve efforts to improve delivery of services for anemia prevention and control through context-specific and participatory decision making processes.

Implementation package/interventions: 

The interventions will focus on the main causes of maternal and childhood related causes of anemia: the project will focus malaria control and treatment and iron supplementation.


 Main causes of nutritional anemia identified
 % of women counseled on nutritional anemia significantly increased
 % of target groups’ awareness to nutritional anemia increased
 % of compliance to nutritional anemia case management increased
 Nutritional anemia prevalence decreased

Number of sites/coverage: 

HCI Mali will work in the Sikasso Region (1/9). The project will cover 1 district (1/7) for 525,000 inhabitants in Kayes Region (out of 2,625,919)

Learning sessions & communication among teams: 

The Mission is strongly advocating working closely with all AID implementing partners in target district. Meetings will be held to clear collaboration and joint activities. The vision is to have all complementary interventions working together so to synergize the reduction of anemia prevalence in pregnant women & children 6-59 mos. in Sikasso region (single district) by improving delivery of community & facility evidence-based anemia-control interventions in collaboration with local partners


Report Author(s): 
Youssef Tawfik, Kathleen Hill & Maina Boucar
USAID Health Care Improvement Project (HCI) and Mali-Ministry of Health
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