Measure Evaluation M&E of Gender and Health Programs Training Module

The M&E of Gender and Health Programs module was designed by Measure Evaluation and is intended to be used as a 3 hour training session as part of a larger M&E workshop on population, health and nutrition topics, including HIV. It is intended to be an introduction to basic concepts in gender and its impact on health, monitoring and evaluation, and should be a first step in encouraging workshop participants to build their individual and organizational capacity to monitor and evaluate their programs. This module is particularly useful for individuals and organizations committed to implementing the U.S. Global Health Initiative’s women, girls, and gender equality principle, as it has details on why gender is important to consider for health programs and policies, measuring gender, and sample indicators.

By the end of this training module, participants will be able to:   

  • Define gender & related terms
  • Identify why gender is important to health outcomes & programming
  • Identify criteria for how gender is addressed in programs
  • Identify donor gender M&E requirements
  • Identify measures of different gender factors
  • Apply gender indicators to programs to integrate gender into M&E

Below are powerpoint presentation training materials in English, Spanish, and French.

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