National Standards for Improving the Quality of Life of Vulnerable Children in Nigeria

The National Standards were developed by the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development and implementing partners in Nigeria.

The National Standards were developed to:

  • Provide a uniform and evidence-based approach for service providers in Nigeria to ensure that all children reach their full developmental potential through the provision of quality care and support services.
  • Identify seven core areas that must be included in comprehensive care and support of vulnerable
  • children: health, food security and nutrition, education, legal protection, psychosocial support, shelter and care, and household economic strengthening.
  • Specify a results or outcome based approach to care and support services by defining desired outcomes of services in seven core areas.
  • Recommend indicators to measure child outcomes that can be used to confirm that services are actually making a measurable difference in the lives of children and their families · Provide a basis for training and supervising service providers.

The standards are available in an illustrated and a text-only version.

2014 Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development
ASSIST publication: 
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