PEPFAR OVC Technical Considerations 2015

PEPFAR’s Technical Considerations consolidates into one document recommendations for program planning and implementation across a range of programmatic areas. The Technical Considerations are not intended to serve as policy guidance or establish required criteria within PEPFAR country programs, nor are they guidelines, as these are produced by normative bodies (e.g., the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)). Rather, the Technical Considerations are meant to assist PEPFAR teams and implementing partners in applying those normative guidelines, as well as the most recent scientific evidence, to the planning and implementation of programs.

The 2015 Technical Considerations adopt a structure that brings together core program areas, focus or priority populations, systems, and supporting elements for quality and sustainability. Each technical section leads off with the key programmatic priorities that should feature in your technical COP 2015 planning discussions. Each section concludes with a reference to the SIMS (Site Improvement through Monitoring Systems) Core Essential Elements (CEEs), providing a reference for technical approaches for quality program improvement.

This subset of the document is focused on recommendations for orphans and vulnerable children programming. To see the complete Technical Considerations 2016 document, please go to:

ASSIST publication: 
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