Pilot study of quality of care training and knowledge in Sub-Saharan African medical schools

This study examines the capacity of medical schools in sub-Saharan African countries to teach about the concepts of quality of care and include these concepts in their curriculum.

While 45% of the schools surveyed are teaching on at least one of the six domains of the Institute of Medicine’s definition of quality of care, there are some schools who report not teaching about quality at all. Despite these low numbers, when asked about topics related to quality of care, many schools are teaching applied management related topics and almost all schools teach about equity and patient-centered care.

The findings from this study are important in informing integration of quality of care into medical education. The tool developed for this study can be used in future qualitative and quantitative studies to further understanding of how to improve the teaching and learning about quality of care in medical schools.

Read the full article in International Journal of Medical Education

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Report Author(s): 
Diana Bowser, Yasmin Abbas, Temitope Odunleye, Edward Broughton, and Thomas Bossert
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