Primary Health Care Supervision Manual

This is the revised version of the Primary Health Care Supervision Manual developed by the National Department of Health and serves as key tool for strengthening the delivery and improving the quality of Primary Health Care services, the cornerstone of the national health care system. It follows on the earlier Clinic Supervisor’s Manual that was originally introduced to the public health sector at a national workshop in October 2000 and adopted in March 2004 for countrywide use.  Since the introduction of the Manual in 2000, the health care system has undergone significant transformational changes as a result of changes in the burden of disease in South Africa. These changes have resulted in the development of new programmes that were not included in the former manual. Materials used in this revised version draw from a number of sources, all of which have been field-tested and have proven to be very useful tools in supervising primary health care programs.

The manual contains guidelines for quality supervision, use of supervision support checklists, conducing in-depth technical program reviews, and tools for working with Primary Health Care Facility Committees. 



National Department of Health, Republic of South Africa
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