Quality of self-assessment and medical record data in facilities with quality improvement teams: A cross-sectional study in India

To better understand the quality of the data teams are collecting and using to guide their improvement work, this report is  a study to assess the validity of the data compared to observation of actual practice. Three sources of data were compared: 1) data from direct observation by external observers (observed data); 2) data recorded in individual patient records (recorded data); and 3) aggregated data used by improvement team members to track their performance (self-assessment data) that comes from individual patient records and other data sources in the facility.

The main questions to answer were: 1) How well do recorded and self-assessment data compare to observed data? 2) What types of errors in data quality exist in self-assessment and recorded data? Our goal was to learn more about data quality to provide better guidance to front-line workers on which data to use for quality improvement as well as to identify data problems that need addressing.

USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) Project/URC
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