The role of Village Child Protection Committees to support vulnerable children with social services: A story from Katuba Village, Uganda

In Katuba village, a village child protection committee was formed to support vulnerable children in the community (mainly those affected and infected with HIV) to access social services. The village child protection committee and the Community Development Officer supported the identification of vulnerable children with HIV and linked them to care. Their caregivers formed a village savings and loan association through which they saved and started up an income-generating activity which has enabled them to support their children to stay in school and maintain income at the household level.

Report Author(s): 
Esther Nassali, Juliana Nabwire, Esther Karamagi, Mirwais Rahimzai and Nsangi Immaculate
USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems Project/URC
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ASSIST publication
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