Rwanda human resources assessment for HIV / AIDS services scale-up. Phase 2 report: Sample site data collection and analysis

This report presents findings from Phase 2 of the Rwanda Human Resources Assessment for HIV/AIDS Services Scale-up. The study aimed to review the existing staffing situation in the country, document practices and levels of effort in providing HIV/AIDS services, and calculate staffing needs for planned expansion of antiretroviral treatment. Phase 2 of this study describes current systems of HIV/AIDS services in Rwanda by documenting categories of staff and the specific HIV/AIDS services they perform, comparing performance to national standards, and analyzing the time required to provide these different services. The study also looks at the adequacy of current management and supervision of personnel providing HIV/AIDS services and the country's HIV/AIDS training capacity. Information on which the Phase 2 analysis was based was derived from 283 observations of providers with HIV/AIDS clients, record reviews, and interviews with District Health Management Teams, site managers, training coordinators, and 93 service providers at 20 sample sites. The sample sites examined in Phase 2 included both public facilities managed by the Ministry of Health and agree sites (those managed by religious institutions but that are considered to be part of the public health system). Fifteen of the sites yielded information on voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) services, 12 sites on prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) services, and eight sites on antiretroviral therapy. (excerpt)

Report Author(s): 
Furth R | Gass R | Kagubare J
Quality Assurance Project
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