Saving Mothers, Giving Life Approach for Strengthening Health Systems to Reduce Maternal and Newborn Deaths in 7 Scale-up Districts in Northern Uganda

Saving Mothers, Giving Life (SMGL) strengthened the health system in 7 districts in Northern Uganda through a quality improvement approach. Quality improvement teams removed barriers to delivering maternal and newborn health services and improved emergency care, reducing preventable maternal and newborn deaths in a post-conflict, low-resource setting.

The SMGL project used a systems-strengthening approach with quality improvement (QI) methods applied in targeted facilities with high client volume and high maternal and perinatal deaths. A QI team was formed in each facility to address the building blocks of the World Health Organization's health systems framework. A community component was integrated within the facility-level QI work to create demand for services. Above-site health systems functions were strengthened through engagement with district management teams.

Report Author(s): 
Simon Sensalire, Paul Isabirye, Esther Karamagi, John Byabagambi, Mirwais Rahimzai and Jacqueline Calnan
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