Six-step approach to identify and close gender-related gaps

ASSIST uses a holistic approach to gender integration in health care quality improvement. ASSIST partner WI-HER, LLC developed an innovative and effective six-step approach to help ASSIST teams integrate gender into improvement activities to identify and close gender-related gaps. It has been tested in a variety of ASSIST programs and countries and has achieved improved service utilization and retention in care, as well as contributed to a decline in adverse events. The step-by-step instructions in this short report detail the USAID ASSIST Project’s improvement approach to identify and respond to gender-related issues in services or programs, to close gaps, and improve outcomes. The guidance is divided into actions for program staff to take and includes explanations of how to achieve each action as well as examples illustrating the types of actions that could be taken for a specific project.

Click here to read the report.

The report is also available En Español // En Français

See our video explaining the same approach, In English // En Español // En Français.

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