Strengthening Child-Caregiver Relationships: Linking Evidence and Practice

As one of a series of events aimed at gathering and sharing knowledge on parenting practices and effective parenting interventions in Africa, the PEPFAR OVC Technical Working Group Co-Chairs sponsored a meeting on supporting and strengthening child-caregiver relationships (parenting) on December 11-13, 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa.  The meeting was an opportunity to convene PEPFAR OVC Focal Points, international experts, and practitioners from Africa around how PEPFAR programs currently support activities to strengthen child-caregiver relationships and how these efforts might be expanded and improved to better address the multi-dimensional needs of vulnerable children and their families. Held by PEPFAR and ASSIST, the objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Share key research findings on child-caregiver relationships (parenting) and explore a elements common to developing parenting programs in low-income, HIV-affected settings
  • Share program experiences of existing parenting programs from low-income, HIV-affected settings in Africa, to understand the successful components and common elements of the programs.
  • Identify priority child-caregiver strengthening interventions and objectives used to meet needs of families affected by HIV and AIDS
  • Examine and assess existing tools and resources used by parenting programs
  • Explore the elements of culturally relevant and competent parenting interventions in African cultures
  • Identify gaps in program implementation that affect the quality and sustainability of parenting programs and opportunities to build an evidence base and community of practice on parenting interventions.
  • Collect recommendations that would inform the creation and implementation of appropriate PEPFAR parenting programs in the future.

Here you can find a report summarizing the meeting and below links to the presentations that were given during the meeting.

Overview from Bachman, PEPFAR

Review of Evidence from Richter, HSRC

Child-caregiver relationships: Early years from Ryklief, The Parent Centre

Child-caregiver relationships: Middle years from Huni, REPSSI

Child-caregiver relationships: Later years from Senefeld, CRS

Perspectives on caregivers from Ojamuge, STEP

Perspectives on caregivers from Kekihembo, CDR

Perspectives on caregivers from Ward, Sinovuyo Project

Culturally relevant interventions from Gitonga, PAN

Culturally relevant interventions from Ole Sanare, MPDI

Culturally relevant interventions from Kikoyo, FHI-360

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