Summary Report of the Activities of the USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems Project in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, technical assistance activities in response to the Zika epidemic began in 2017, both in health training institutions, universities, and in institutions providing health services to the population, the establishments of the Ministry of Health-MINSA. The technical assistance activities of the USAID Project Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Health Systems (ASSIST) with the MINSA began in May 2017 and concluded in April 2018.

The technical assistance was provided to the health personnel of 65 establishments located in 5 departments of the country (Managua, Carazo, Masaya, Granada and Nueva Segovia) and at the central level, the regional level and the health establishments of the first and second level. In universities, technical assistance began in April 2017 and ended on June 30, 2019. It was provided to seven public and private universities, the largest in the country (UNAN Managua, UNAN León, UPOLI, POLISAL, UCAN, BICU and URACCAN) distributed in 6 departments (Managua, León, Masaya, Matagalpa, North Caribbean Zone-Bilwi and South Caribbean Zone-Bluefields) and was provided to teachers and students of medical and nursing careers.

At the regional level, the support of the USAID ASSIST Project was focused on: a) promoting the articulation and coordination of primary and secondary care levels, b) organizing the search for cases of children exposed to Zika or affected with SCaZ, c) locate the cases of SCaZ for their link to health services, d) train officials in the Zika guide, e) train local officials in continuous improvement of quality and measurement of quality indicators, f ) accompany officials in the process of monitoring quality indicators in health facilities, g) mapping the public and private specialized services available in the locality for the care of children and families affected with SCaZ; h) organize the services for the care of children with SCaZ, i) monitor and monitor compliance with the protocol for attention to children affected by SCaZ. This report summarizes the work and results of the ASSIST project implementation.

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