Survive & Thrive Final Report

Demonstrated that training is not enough and that quality improvement approaches are essential to sustain quality care for mothers and newborns in low-resource settings, the Survive & Thrive Final Report highlights the efforts that partners shared through developing tools and resources.

A breakthrough contribution of the Global Development Alliances (GDA) was its development of a practical approach to engage frontline health workers in improving quality of maternal and newborn care.  The GDA’s Improving Care of Mothers and Babies guide, developed by the USAID ASSIST Project and the American Academy of Pediatrics, breaks down the process of improvement in clear steps that providers can follow to plan, test, implement, continuously assess, and sustain process changes to deliver care in the best way possible for the setting. The guide, which has been translated to French and Spanish, is a critical resource to ensure care is optimized once providers have been trained.   

An equally important component of the GDA was to ensure that quality improvement (QI) is part of the implementation and long-term sustainability of maternal and newborn care. The Improving Care of Mothers and Babies: A guide for improvement teams, includes information and tools to facilitate implementation of quality improvement activities at the facility level.  The Guide outlines the process of improvement step-by-step, helping providers plan, test, implement, continuously assess and sustain interventions that enable care to be delivered in the best way possible.  Improving Care of Mothers and Babies can guide those new to improvement methodologies, as well as provide further support to those who have experience implementing and managing improvement projects.  It can be used by a leader or facilitator to help others learn about improvement in both clinical and workshop settings and can also be used as a self-study manual by improvement teams and individuals.

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