Tanzania-Kenya knowledge exchange for the Partnership for HIV-Free Survival: Reflections and recommendations

The Partnership for HIV Free Survival (PHFS) is a six-country initiative to support current national efforts to improve PMTCT, maternal and infant care, and nutrition support for HIV-positive women and their exposed infants. As part of its technical support for the PHFS, the USAID ASSIST Project has organized knowledge exchange visits to share effective implementation strategies/practices between country teams as well as programmatic challenges and how they are overcome. This report describes the knowledge exchange held in July 2015 between PHFS participating country representatives from Tanzania and Kenya.

A mixed-method agenda was created to provide ample opportunities for shared learning. Key learning was harvested from exchange sessions, video interviews, one-on-one conversations, reporting back, and individual evaluations.

The exchange enabled direct peer-to-peer learning which was highly valued by participants. Trust-building among all participants was fostered, and as a result, representatives from both country teams were transparent about their gaps, experiences, and areas that need improvement, leading to a deeper exchange that often is not possible during large multi-country meetings.

This report describes the planning and agenda of the exchange as well as recommendations for others to consider when planning similar knowledge exchanges.

Report Author(s): 
Webster P | Deka S | Stern A
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ASSIST publication
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