Tanzania Partnership for HIV-Free Survival (PHFS) Implementation Experience and Change Package

Since September 2013, the USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) Project has been working with other USAID partners and UN agencies in Tanzania including EGPAF, Delloite – Tunajali, Baylor – Tanzania, JHPEIGO, FHI 360/ Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance (FANTA), UNICEF, and the World Health Organization (WHO) in supporting the Ministry of Health Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC) to implement the Partnership for HIV-Free Survival (PHFS).

In Tanzania, ten sites in three districts were selected for the demonstration phase and received orientation on PHFS and improvement from ASSIST and regional implementing partner. The improvement teams focused their improvement efforts on the following four aims during the initial years of the pilot implementation:

  • Increase coverage of ARVs uptake by HIV+ pregnant women, mothers and infants attending post-natal care from 46% to 80% by September 2015 through timely and correct ordering of ARV and adherence counseling.
  • Increase the proportion of mother-infant pairs retained in PNC at 10 sites in each of the three districts from 20% to 80% by September 2015 through system strengthening, community involvement and QI innovations.
  • Increase the proportion of less than two years HIV exposed infants who are confirmed of their HIV status through DNA/PCR or antibody testing from 26% to 70% by September 2015 through system strengthening.
  • Increase the uptake of the NACS care package at 10 sites of each of the districts from the current 0% to 50% by September 2015 through provision of NACS tools and training of health care workers on NACS and system strengthening.

This change package describes the experience of the pilot sites and provides detailed changes and guidance on how to improve care for HIV-positive mothers and their babies.

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